Modest Swimsuits

modest swim dressModest swimsuit designs for women have come a long way since the first century Roman togas. The Maillots of the early twentieth century, for instance were a great improvement over the much heavy full body swimwear designs that were in common use prior to them. Swim dresses of the 19th century generally looked like thin canvas dresses.  They were heavy, awkward and difficult to move or swim in. Though they were not very practical compared to modern one piece swimsuits, they were quite fashionable for their time and very modest swimwear.

With modern materials like Lycra and spandex, finding a modest swim suit that is fashionable, quick drying and comfortable is very easy.  Though there are quite a few swimsuits on the market, finding modest swimwear that is fashionable, can be a little more problematic. The good news is that whether you are looking for a tankini or a swim dress, there are many of fashionable and practical options for those who prefer modest swimwear.

The tankini, was first seen on the swimwear market in the late 1990′s. Designed by the swimwear mogul Anne Cole. She had devised the idea early in life as a way to address her own modesty issues and desire for modest swimwear. It has all the features of one piece swimsuits while providing the convenience of its less fashionable and less modest predecessor. That is to say, some one piece swimsuits are inconvenient in regards to restroom usage. The tankini comes in a wide array of colors and desins and can even be worn for other events and activities. Whether you are sun bathing, playing sports or doing other physical activities, the tankini makes a great alternative where less modest swimwear may be less appropriate.

modest swimsuits

Swim dresses today have changed a lot since 1850’s. During the 19th century, women’s modest swimwear was extremely modest. So much so that women’s swim dresses covered everything from the neck down including the arms and legs. This fashion carried on into the early 20th century. This was evidenced by women who were occasionally arrested for wearing less modest swimsuits that showed their arms, neck or legs. Modern swim dresses are designed to provide modest, fashionable and comfortable swimwear. These elegant outfits are not only fashionable but very functional.

The one piece swimsuits of today are wonderfully designed to give a modest look and still offer a flare of fashion without looking crass or over showy. One piece swimsuits come in a variety of styles and colors. They are designed to stretch in a manner that allows a great range of mobility while covering a decent amount or the torso.

We all have different levels and standards when it comes to modesty. If you aren’t comfortable in your swimsuit, there is no reason to wear it. They say “beauty may be only skin deep” but feeling embarrassed shows through and through. Being embarrassed defeats the point of modesty.  There are many options to you can choose from when it comes to modest swimwear. The tankini, one piece swimsuits and the oh so elegant yet modest swim dresses function well and look great without compromising your modesty or standards.